Monday, July 16, 2012

Selling through Facebook: 5 products to know

Nigerians are fast jumping on board to take advantage of the social media revolution that is already making the world a very small place indeed. These days time and space is not a barrier when we talk about online social media especially facebook. You can hook up to old friends and relations who may have even forgotten how you look years after your last encounter with them via facebook but the reality. Naturally where there is an audience, there is always a potential to market and try to sell products to them. For instance radio stations have various programs they air which attract people with a particular interest. The same applies to television stations. As their programs attract an audience, this audience then becomes a potentially lucrative outlet for the media owners who can sell some advertising time to advertisers. Facebook is not different as well except that the audience is not defined since it’s a general interest website but mostly for socializing.

A recent post I made about the reality of facebook marketing in Nigeria indicates that 71% of facebook users in Nigeria are youths either about to enter higher institution, already there or about to graduate and many unemployed graduates. This means products and services that appeal to the youth have the best chance of making reasonable return on investments. So let’s have a look at 5 of such products that could sell well to the Nigerian market.


Youths love to be entertained and so entertainment related stuff like movies, album launch, concerts and shows that appeal to present generation/contemporary music aficionados will have a good place on facebook for advertisers.


People love to share and receive news related information. Lifestyle, gossip and fashion related news items will do well with Nigerian youth. Try packaging products relating to these then target various groups on facebook.

If you’ve just launched a website you want to promote among youths and want quick and easy traffic then you should be on facebook marketing that website. It’s a reliable and fast method of getting notice. Websites like Vconnect, dealdey and Mocality have strong facebook following and huge traffic to show for their facebook marketing due to how well they have exploited facebook.


Try selling unique or inexpensive gadgets in well targeted facebook groups for tech savvy folks and see that on facebook you already have a market place. Excellent products that should do well on facebook include; mobile phones, ipads, PCs and other electronic gadgets.


Since there are many job seekers on facebook and word travels fast, try marketing jobs for free on facebook. Paying for adverts in national dailies is more expensive although still effective, facebook on the other hand is less expensive or even free depending on how well you spread word about the vacancy.

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