Wednesday, July 18, 2012

5 Free but Effective ways to attract and keep Loyal Customers

Loyal customers are assets to many successful businesses because in addition to repeat sales, they often times are the major source of referrals for most businesses. It is loyal customers that tell other people about your business, that recommend your service since they have tried and tested you and your products and who are willing to stick with you when business is slow. I like to see them as friends who buy from you. There are many ways to attract loyal customers but not all of them come free at no cost – I’m talking about paid adverts or other paid marketing campaigns. You don’t have to pay someone for something in order to find new customers.

I like the idea of being able to attract new leads and clients to my business especially by inexpensive means that don’t involve advertising. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that you don’t have to shop for new customers by taking up expensive advertising space or purchasing slots for radio and TV jingles? I’ll rather have serious customers find and buy what I have to offer for free than pay to have them. The truth about succeeding in business is that repeat customers, the ones I like to call loyal customers often times have a reason for being loyal and here are 5 free ways to attract and keep them.

Offer the relevant and practical problem solving information

When a customer wants to solve a problem naturally he isn’t thinking about a product in particular, rather he’s thinking about a solution for his problem. If you offer relevant information that will lead to a solution to that problem, what you’re doing is giving the customer a reason to buy from you if you have a product offering that solution. The customer naturally is glad knowing that a problem he has is about to be solved thanks to the information you’re providing and what more can he/she do than say thank you with his or her patronage.

Hint: is the customer having a problem? Help him solve it and you’re a step a way from making a customer.

Offer great value

In addition to the problem solving information you’re offering, you are actually creating a leverage point for potential future sales if you offer something of great value. For instance do you have a unique benefit in your service or product that no other person offers or others offer at a higher price? Even if it means granting discounts and deals in order to make a sale, it’s still worth the trouble considering how easily loyal a satisfied customer can become eventually.

Hint: are you offering a benefit your competition isn’t offering?

Offer them extra service

Sure you don’t have to be nice since nobody will arrest you for not offering to assist a person in need but your reputation will suffer for it. If you are known for going the extra mile to do more than just what is required of you, you build a solid reputation that will encourage people to think of you when they need your services. It’s more than value of your product it’s the personal touch you put into making your customer happy.

Hint: the loyal customer appreciates extra service

Offer them excellent customer service

Do you ever thank your customer for patronizing you whether or not it’s their first time? Are you polite to all your customers both the insolent and courteous ones? Excellent customer service ensures that patronage. Why do some families insist on a particular doctor when one of their falls ill? It’s the excellent service rendered on the job. The proven competence, reliability and hospitality from the service provider ensure that even when a rival tries to woo away a loyal customer that he meets with a brick wall.

Offer reasonable rewards

From time to time reward your customers that have patronized you repeatedly not only as an appreciation for their patronage but as an added incentive to even patronize you further.

The great thing about these 5 methods is that they are free but best of all highly effective.

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