Thursday, July 12, 2012

5 Content Marketing Tools to know!

Without a doubt content marketing is the standard way marketing will be done in a few years time. We all try different kinds marketing for our products and services but not all these methods have the desired effects we may hope for. But before you plunge into the world of content marketing, keep one thing at the back of your mind - you need tools in this trade to guide you. These tools which will open doors for you if properly used are important and should not be forgotten. Here are the 5 content marketing tools;


Blogs are highly effective content marketing tools that offer tremendous opportunities for leads generation, sales and brand promotions. With a blog, you can start and market a certain product or service but only after you have built a solid reputation with an online community. It’s like you trying to sell in a closely knit community in real life, if people know you for a particular thing then they’ll likely buy from you when they think of that thing and need to buy it. If I want to buy a lovely cake for my girlfriend, I’ll look for someone who makes lovely cakes, if I want a strong car that lasts long, I’ll look for a reputable car dealer to recommend one for me. The key thing here is use your blog to create an online community that will share information and interact with you over time.


Just as with blogs, emails also provide room for sharing and interaction but only this time in a more closely knit environment. If I offer an ebook or newsletter for free as a step towards building an email list, I’m essentially creating a targeted audience and this audience can in turn become ‘monetizeable’ or marketable. The newsletter is the content while the audience/readership I build is my target group/niche.


Websites also function in the same way as blogs except that they are not as interactive as blogs. With a website, I can build an audience by writing a series of informative articles on a subject matter and allow regular visitors to read and digest the contents of these articles. Over time they become my voice, telling the whole world who I am, what I can do and what I have to offer. The draw back with websites is that they have to be indexed for search engine results and this can only happen if they are properly optimized for certain keywords.


Product demonstration, interesting/odd stories and other very captivating videos can attract a following. The key thing is to let everybody know you for producing a particular brand of interesting videos and that can now serve as a launch pad for serious content marketing.

Social Media

Building an audience on social media whether it's facebook, twitter or google plus is no mean task. It’s not easy to attract a particular group of people to find, connect and like your social media platform but it’s possible. When you have a particular group of people who read your posts and connect with you it becomes easier to market products and services to them. The question is who are the people you are after and what are they interested in?

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