Monday, July 23, 2012

5 Reasons Blog Posts are better than fliers for Marketing

One of the reasons why I have chosen to do online marketing for small businesses in Nigeria is because I’ve come to realize that it is highly effective but inexpensive way to attract customers for people who do business in Nigeria. The same way fliers are used to create awareness for small businesses in Nigeria except that they are less effective but even at that every small Nigerian business I know of involved in sales of products always has fliers. I'm not saying we should throw fliers away, just that there is a cheaper and more effective alternative in blog posts. Here are 5 reasons for saying blog posts are more effective than fliers;

Blog Posts have greater reach

A blog post can be read by a large number of people spread across a very large area such as within a city, state or even the whole world because people can access the internet from anywhere in the world provided there is internet access but fliers are not that way. If I print 1000 flier for distribution, there is not a good chance that this product will go beyond a town or at most a city. If I live in Abuja for instance and for a start I decide to share out 1000 fliers there is a good chance that the people who will see these fliers will only reside in Abuja and what’s worse is that most of these people dump these fliers after reading them because fliers are usually not very engaging. On the other hand just one blog post can be read by thousands of people all over the world so in terms of reach, a blog post is more effective than fliers.

Targeted Audience

With fliers I’ll have to share and distribute them to anyone I see even when there is a good chance that person might not be interested in what I’m offering. If I sell shoes and I distribute fliers for shoes at maybe a bus stop or party or among school mates it won’t have the kind of targeted reach as a blog post that someone who goes through google will find using certain keywords like Moccasin Shoes in Abuja. A highly targeted audience has a stronger potential of loyalty than randomly selected customers.

Less Expensive

Blog posts are inexpensive since they don’t cost money to make except if you contract the writing of your posts to someone else but fliers cost money. Depending on the make and quality of fliers printed 1000 units could cost you as little as N5000.

Better Interaction and engagement with customers

It’s easy to know exactly what your customers want or how they feel about your service if you use a blog in marketing your service. It’s possible to know whether your customers are angry or displeased since they can review your product on your blog through comments. A flier can’ make it possible for a business to connect and engage customers in real time.

Capture Customer Data

On the other hand I can easily capture the email and telephone of customers with a blog but not so with a flier. Fliers are slower in data capture because you can only do so in real time whereas with a blog, it can be at anytime even while you’re asleep.

Better tracking

It’s possible to know how effective blog posts are in marketing your products and services compared to fliers. A flier doesn’t tell you how many people have read it, where they read it and how many of them followed up with a phone call or email but you can know all these with a blog post and therefore know which keywords to focus on to get the kind of results you want to achieve.